How to configure Gitlab ELK?

Gitlab ce self hosted production is available. I want to send the logs under gitlab filebeat and gitlab-rails to elasticsearch and monitor the efficiency of the teams with kibana. I need a tutorial or help to do this. A step by step help.

Thankyou for support.

This is more Elasticsearch related than Gitlab - so you should really be asking how to configure Elasticsearch/Kibana on the Elasticsearch forums. It’s not Gitlab specific, since ingesting logs means configuring ELK to get the logs from /var/log/wherever, and so it doesn’t matter if it’s Gitlab, Apache, MariaDB or whatever application.

To be honest, you could google howtos, you could have found plenty of them if you had searched? For example: The Complete Guide to the ELK Stack | looks to be a good one for the entire ELK stack and configuring logs etc.

As for Gitlab, you can find all the log files you need under /var/log/gitlab. Use the link provided, or google or ask on the Elasticsearch forums if you are having problems trying to get logs forwarded since that has nothing to do with Gitlab or this forum to be honest.

Gitlab Enterprise has the ability to utilise Elasticsearch, but since you have CE you cannot use that. Had you had Enterprise installed, you could read the Gitlab docs on that here: Elasticsearch | GitLab

AFAIK filebeat is not recommended anymore by Elastic, and the Elastic agent is the new method. Migrate from Beats to Elastic Agent | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.12] | Elastic

Following Get started with logs and metrics | Elastic Observability [8.12] | Elastic should bring you to the point where the agent can be configured to parse a custom log location. Point it to the the GitLab log path, Log system | GitLab It might need more configuration to ingest and parse the log data, though.

I also found a feature request for Elastic: Add integration for Gitlab monitoring - Elastic Agent - Discuss the Elastic Stack

monitor the efficiency of the teams with kibana

I’m not sure if you can do that with just log data from the application. Productivity and efficiency analytics requires more observability data collection from within all stages of the platform. Value streams dashboard provides these insights, but requires an Ultimate subscription.

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