How to configure Kubernetes GitLab Runner installed from managed cluster Applications

Hi *,

I have connected a Kubernetes Cluster to one of our GitLab projects. From there I was able to deploy a GitLab Runner in the same cluster. Now, next, I would like to add some more configuration to it. More specifically I want to mount a secret as volume to be able to use those values for certain jobs in our pipelines. This is explained here: The Kubernetes executor | GitLab.

Unfortunately, I can not find any docs on how to change the config of the runner. Could somebody please help me out.

There is a config map named runner-gitlab-runner that lives inside of the gitlab-managed-apps namespace. This config map does have a config.toml file. However, changes made to it do not appear to affect anything.

After some more try & erroring I learned that it’s actually not the config.toml that needs to be adjusted within the runner-gitlab-runner secret, but instead the config.template.toml.

May the be helpful to anybody else as well. :slight_smile: