How to create a pipeline from AWS repository codecommit on GitLab Community Edition?

I started a new job where the team developers (git) push on a AWS repository (codecommit) and then the web application is deployed on AWS EKS (kubernetes). There is no CICD.
The Project Manager wants a Proof of Concept between GitLab and AWS codePipeline to choose the best CI/CD solution.

I need to configure a Gitlab Community Edition, installed on a Ubuntu Server, to create a CICD pipeline from this AWS codecommit.
I have access to this Ubuntu Server, the Gitlab Community Edition is installed but it is just an empty shell, there is no project.

I do not know how to start, I tried to import the project from AWS Git repository URL or mirroring but it failed.
Is there a tutorial for this situation?

Hey @cinaction, welcome to the forum :tada:

I think what you’re looking for is GitLab CI/CD for external repositories | GitLab.

Two potential options:

  • Store code in AWS CodeCommit, run your CI/CD in GitLab
  • Store your code in GitLab, run your CI/CD in AWS

You would need to give permissions to your GitLab server to clone the AWS repo through IAM or similar. You should try that and if it doesn’t work, talk to your AWS team to authorize the GitLab server.

Also, belated congratulations on the new job!