How to delete a release?

Hi all,

Maybe the answer is in front of my eyes, but I spend some time trying to delete a release in my Gitlab self-hosted instance and I don’t see how can I do it…

After the execution of a ci pipeline (using Gitlab-ci), a new release is created… but I can’t delete one of these releases, I just see an “edit” icon in each one, not a “delete” or similar (and I’m the owner of the repo, the author of the commits and also the release)

Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance,

Finally, after a lot of attempts, I deleted the releases of the project.

The unique way I found to do it is using the “Release API”:

For example, to delete the release v0.1.1 of the project id 132, you need to this command (replacing the token and the host of the Gitlab server you are using):

curl --request DELETE --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: xxxxxxxxxxxx" "https://YOUR-GITLAB-SERVER/api/v4/projects/132/releases/v0.1.1"

I hope this help!


Great solution! Thank you!