How to delete imported private repo from github?

I have imported many private repo from Github into So now, I want to delete them. The problem is, I cant find the “Remove Project” button. If I create a new project, there will be a button to remove it, but there is none on my imported private repo.

Hi @psycholyzern,

Glad to hear that you’re using our product!

You can delete your projects by going to your project page, then clicking on ‘Edit Project’ in the project setting menu (the little cog in the top right corner) and then you should have a ‘Remove Project’ button.

You can also open your project page, append ‘/edit’ to the url and use the ‘Remove Project’ button.

Hope this is the info you were looking for. :smiley:

I just realized that there is no gear icon on my top-right in my browser, Chrome on Android with desktop view.
So I opened gitlab on my PC browser and the icon exist. It would be great if it appear on mobile browser too because I am using my Android phone more than my PC.
Thank you for the help!