How to do “automatic” wiki for databases?

We would like to create wiki in our GitLab for existing database, MariaDB with aprox. 50 tables. Each page will be for one table, first part of this wiki page should contains common thing like create statement, triggers (if exist) and second part of the pages custom description. Besides this custom description, the first part should be done by some automated way/tool/script.
I am curios if exist some smart way how to do it? We really dont want manually create 50 pages in Wiki. So any idea, tools, hints how to do it?

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A GitLab Wiki is actually just a Git repository of Markdown documents.

All you need to do is change .git at the end of your repository’s clone URL to .wiki.git.

Then you can use your programming/scripting language of choice to create the markdown documents and just commit them to the repository.

You can test what this will look like on your local machine before you commit to the Wiki by installing the Gollum Ruby Gem.