How to enable chat

I can see there’s a chat section in my user settings on, but it just says I don’t have any active chat names. Is there something I can do about it? I’ve read about Mattermost integration in your blog posts, and it should be like Slack, which I believe is an online chat service. Can I use such a service via my private repository on I’m looking for an easier team communication method than e-mail for short messages.


Can you be more specific about what you are looking for when it comes to chat? It sounds like you want an integration with your Project and a communication platform for general discussion on the project - correct me if I’m wrong here, however.

There are many chat integrations that work with GitLab right out of the box - with the most talked about being Slack as a lot of dev teams are using that anyway. With the Slack / GitLab integration you can have messages post to a certain channel based on certain events.

If you’re looking for something a bit deeper, I would continue looking into Mattermost, which it seems like you have familiarity with already:

Looking forward to hearing more about your project and your needs?


As I understand it, Mattermost is included in GitLab. Where can I find it and how can I use it? That’s my question. I cannot see any trace of that anywhere, at least on (not on-premises).


Here is a pretty robust guide from the docs - let me know if it doesn’t apply to your situation and we can look some more:

Ehm, no, that doesn’t apply to my situation.

What are the exact words that I can tell you to make clear that I’m not talking about my local GitLab installation, but about the one hosted/cloud installation on (And by “” I mean the web domain as the identity of the site.)


I think he might be talking about what’s here:

Pretty sure he’s talking about “Chat” in User settings on “” itself; I can’t grasp how no-one gets that he’s talking about, not a gitlab CE/EE installation :sweat_smile:


Yeah, nobody seems to be aware that there’s a hosted service on

IIRC I’ve learned elsewhere that Mattermost is not available on and can only be integrated in local installations. Then it’s probably a deployment bug that the option is visible here. But I haven’t looked into it anymore since then.


Seems to me @jamesmundia was under the impression that you would have known that didn’t support chat like everyone else does.
In which case his information was spot on and you were incorrect lonelypixel. Geez.

Why does everybody else know that there is no chat service
on Have they read it somewhere? Did somebody
tell it to them but not to me?

And I think I made myself clear enough in my first post that I
am talking about As everybody should know, this
is an internet domain that hosts a service. And that service
is what I was talking about. Not the GitLab CE or EE software
I could download from another location (not

Still, if there is no chat service on, then why is
that section in my account settings on Did
somebody forget to remove or disable it? That seems
implausible to me.

Note: The formatting was necessary because the forum recognised links that are forbidden to me. Strange things happen.


Well look at that, in all your snarky intelligence, you failed to obtain information that’s freely available on the web.
I used “everybody” in my response to point out the issue with your approach here. You assume “everybody knows”. Your assumption requires that “everybody understands your question”.
It’s possible the guy helping assumed you knew the website did not support chat and extrapolated that you must mean a local, self-hosted installation of gitlab.
Assuming what everybody knows is a slippery slope. Don’t assume, explain.
FYI You absolutely made no sense in what you were asking in this post until your second reply to JamesM. Only then did you PROPERLY and meticulously describe your problem and question. Maybe next time acknowledge the person trying to help you, thank them and THEN proceed to meticulously describe your issue rather than being snarky and rude as though it should have been understood the first two times you asked a vague question.

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@hodgiers I’m really sorry that nobody can read the words I write. That second reply of mine adds nothing new to my initial post. It just repeats what was already clearly stated, in a way that a total dumbass could see it. I also was under the false assumption that in this forum people may ask questions when they don’t already know everything. Next time, before asking a question in this forum, I’ll make sure I know the answer to my question before I ask it. That may mean you never see me again and GitLab may not be the solution I prefer for a task.


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