How to enable read-only access to repositories

I am running Gitlab Community Edition 8.14.0 on my own server.
On this server I have a project that should be rolled out as a git submodule to different customers.

Now I am searching for a possibility to do this read-only: the customer should be able to pull from my server, but not to push.

I did some research and found the advice to juse “deploy-keys” for that. But if i log in as adminstrator to my server and open “profile settings”, I see only the following options: “Profile Account Applications Chat Access Tokens Emails Password Notifications SSH Keys Preferences Audit Log”
No “deploy key”…

  • Is this deploy key hidden somewhere else?
  • are there other ways of creating a read-only access to my repositories?


To answer my own question:

  1. Deploy-keys are the means of choice.

2.You find them by changing into the projekt, than klicking onto the wheel in the upper right: The dropdown contains “deploy keys”.

The rest is simple.