How to escape Markdown automatic "special references"?

I need to include “@stress” (a keyword for me) in, but it gets automatically converted to point to user “Stress” (whoever he is).

I tried escaping with “\@stress”, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

What is the right spell to tell GFM “@stress” (and several similar tags) is just a plain string not to be messed with?

Hi @mc5686!

This is a really good question. It looks like there is no simple solution to the fix, however, there are some simple “hacks” which could help. Have you seen this issue?

Hi @dsumenkovic,
thanks for Your answer.

I will use the horrible hack suggested.
In this case it is especially wrong because my text is examples of a markup language (javadoc-like), so if someone will cut’n’paste it it will NOT work because of the zero-width-space and it will be very difficult to understand why!

Implement escaping really seems a priority.


As of today, this is still a problem, and the linked issue above dates back 3 years.

If someone points me at the source code, I’ll do the fix.

Edit: Yes I’m necrothreading here but this is the most recent relevant post I could find with a brief search. And, the linked issue is locked so I can’t comment there.