How to get more context around each line of change

I use GitLab server. I find it very frustrating to conduct code reviews because Gitlab only shows 3 lines of context before and after each line of code that has changed. I need to click the “expand” icon (↥) repeatedly for enough context to appear for me to know what the change is about.

When looking at a comment in the “Activity” feed, the situation is worse – only 3 lines of context are shown leading up to the affected lines, and 0 lines of context after. In the Activity feed view, the “expand” (↥) icon is not available, so to get the context I need to switch to the “Changes” view and find that same comment again, which is not easy to do because there seems to be no hyperlink from the comment shown in the Activity feed to the same comment in context in the Changes view (there is only a link to the affected file).

Is there a way to get more than 3 lines of context by default in my MRs?

I am used to Bitbucket, which options for controlling how many lines of context are shown by default, and also how many new lines appear when you click the “expand” icon. I am frustrated that I can’t figure out how to get GitLab to work the same way.

“Changes” tab does not show much context (only 3 lines):

“Activity” feed shows even less context, and no way to get more context: