How to get the list of issues resolved between the two pipeliene activations



I have Gitlab CI integrated with Jira

Trying to figure out how to extract from Gitlab the list of the Jira changes being resolved between the artifact created from 2 pipelines.

My setup is quite simple:

  • Upon every merge to master branch, an artifact is being deployed to the test environment, and another (very similar) artifact for the production environment is created but not deployed.
  • Integration with Jira (basic level) is enabled. Developers report fixed issues in changes comments. It’s definitely working, since I see the references to the source control changes being added to Jira issues.
  • Upon reaching certain level of functionality and quality, a manual deployment of the production artifact (being prepared in advance) is performed.

At the point of the production update, the customer facing team expects the R&D to deliver the list of the issues (from Jira) being fixed since the last deployment.

Unfortunately, I failed to find such a report in the system - what can you recommend, please?