How to hide notification box "You pushed to [...] Create merge request"

When I push to a non-main branch, I get messages like this in the web UI of my GitLab CE instance:

As text:

You pushed to <branch name> at Repository Name nn minutes ago

Create merge request

I do not want this message to appear.

Despite searching and trying through all the repository settings, I did not find a way to disable this message.

My questions

  • Is it possible to never show this message for certain repositories?
  • If this is not possible, is there a way to globally disable the message?
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Any progress on this? I have the same problem too.

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A bit complex, but there’s a way to stop seeing these messages is by using a special script or creating a small program for your browser. This doesn’t actually remove the message from GitLab but makes it so you don’t see it when you’re using your browser. You can use tools like Tampermonkey to run these scripts. This method changes how things look on your end without affecting the actual GitLab site.

Looks like a (non-future-proof) hack to me.

Thanks anyway for answering :blush: