How to install jar file stored in gitlab maven registry

Hi Team,

My requirement is to store the maven artifact within gitlab maven package registry and applications running locallyr and running in our cluster should add this newly created maven artifact from gitlab path and consume it.

Steps I have followed till now.

  1. In the project, I have added ci_settings.xml (contains the authentication used deploy-token auth method) and pom.xml (contains the gitlab project path to store the packages) file and using CI/CD pipeline i ran ‘mvn deploy -s ci_settings.xml’. It successfully stored the packages within our Gitlab account.
  2. When i open the package, it gives me the dependency block to add and registry to setup. I followed those but I am getting error like below when tried to consume it externally

Error :
Could not find metadata com.iqvia.ohfs.dbrepo:ohfs-db:0.0.4-SNAPSHOT/maven-metadata.xml

But when i checked the path of gitlab maven i can see the file “maven-metadata.xml” within the packages.

Could somebody help me in providing me steps to consume the uploaded maven artifacts in the external projects.