How to make wiki and issue management public in a private repository

Hi All,

I have some private repositories in But, I want to make the wiki be seen publicly without logging in to

i.e., I want to share the links of wiki and issue management of one of my projects to public through twitter or facebook so that the wiki page and issues can be seen by anyone.

Is it possible to configure this way.


K Adithyan

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No, I don’t think that’s possible. The visibility level is set to the whole project.

@adithyank, @axil, vote on this issue:

Maybe with enough votes someone will implement this.

I think this should be possible with the “private-token” of one user’s account and a wrapper script that makes use of the Gitlab API to post/edit issues. If there is a worry about the private-token being visible to the world at large, then the wrapper script can access another web page, which requires a registration, and those who can login into that website, can then use the wrapper script (The login would ensure the private-token be released to the script only to authorized user)

It is a convoluted method, but can be done using some simple PHP scripting. The only drawback would be that the world at large would all be named as the said user whose private-token was used

Guys, has there been any improvement on this? I also need this feature now.


The feedback forum is deprecated and we will be using the GitLab CE issue tracker henceforth.

I have created a feature proposal for this here:

Additionally, you can visit the issue and comment on with your sample use case scenarios