How to migrate or create a private docker registry in a separate server?

We currently have a gitlab CE instance installed on a VM with the separate docker registry on the same server. We did not use the docker registry within gitlab.

Our goal is to create a new server that will host the docker registry. So we need to migrate registry images from old server to new one.

Do you have a document on how to do it?

server 1: Gitlab CE ver 12.5.5 with Ubuntu 18.04
server 2: Ubuntu 18.04


I don’t know of any docs, but since it has two Docker registry endpoints, I would write a small script which pulls a list of images from the existing registry, then pulls them one-by-one with immediately pushing it to the new registry URL endpoint. This might need some trial error in a shell script, but likely is the quickest approach - or someone on the Internet wrote it already :slight_smile: