How to obtain the reviewer of the last merge request for a project on jenkins

I have a jenkins job that git clone a project on gitlab. After that I’d like to know the last merge in this project, who reviewed it, who approved the merge.


Hi, @bnguyen7b.

The merge requests API might be what you’re looking for.

For example, you can query the reviewers of an MR.

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Thanks, I will take a look, but I think I have a different question though.

I have a jenkins job that clone a gitlab project to build. I need to set it up so that the build will kick off everything a MR is merged into develop branch. I am not quite sure how to do it but this is how much I know:

create a webhook for that gitlab project.

Then, what plubgin I need to install on jenkins?

What option to select so that it will kick off a build after a merge is completed in develop?

Thanks so much again.