How to set up tabulation width for correct source text display

Hello to all,

I am new to GitLab and relatively new to Git.

For years I format my source text with tabulation stops every 20 columns, fine indentation being made with spaces.

  • Is there any possibility to set tabulation width to 20 characters in some config file so that GitLab displays correctly the project source code when browsing the Git repository ?

When displaying “raw” text, it seems that tab width is 8 characters, when displaying through browser it seems 8 characters wide also, but how to change this default size ?

Review of the question on web did not provide much insight, and even the question of who does what in displaying tabulations (GiLab pages layout or local browser options) is unclear to me. It seems that GitLab should offer an option for tab width when displaying source code and sending pages through web.

Of course I could convert all to spaces, but I find this solution somewhat inelegant, file size will increase, and I am not prepared to edit wide arrays of white spaces in source text.

Many thanks if somebody has an answer. Sure this problem has been debated sometime ago, but search did not provide much help.