How to update repository tag_list via api call

Via Python and the gitlab api (python-gitlab module), I am trying to update the tag_list information of my repository (not the tag information). Unfortunately, it seems the information is ignored. I tried updating the tag_list information in an existing repository and also tried creating a new one with tag_list information included. Below simplified code snippets for both try outs:

  1. def update_repo(self,export_keywords):
    gl = gitlab.Gitlab(‘’, ‘mytoken’)
    projects =‘my_repository’)
    assert(projects.sizeof() > 0), “Project not found!”
    project = projects[0]
    project.tag_list = export_keywords
    # or as an alternative:
    # ret = gl.update(project, tag_list=export_keywords)

def create_repo():
gl = gitlab.Gitlab(‘’, ‘mytoken’)
data = {‘name’:‘my_new_repo’,‘tag_list’:(‘keyword1’,‘keyword2’)}

I am wondering if the gitlab server anyhow is capable of accepting changes specific to the tag_list information at all? If so, I am very interested to know how to implement it.

Thanks in advance!