How to use CI/CD files from another project

Problem to solve

We have common CI/CD logic in our Company/Build/DevOps repository. Our various Company/foo repositories reuse the CI/CD logic by adding the following to the top of the .gitlab-ci.yml file.

    - project: 'Company/Build/DevOps'
      ref: ${CI_REF_BRANCH}
      file: 'Gitlab/ci_cd/all.gitlab-ci.yml'

I have a personal repository on the server at Rocha/grpc-example and I would like to re-use some of the CI/CD logic from our devops repository.

When I attempt to use the above I get an invalid yaml error

Unable to create pipeline
Project `company/build/devops` reference `` does not exist!

Aside from the fact that it doesn’t work, there is the aspect that the error has changed the case of the reference from Company/Build/DevOps to company/build/devops.

What can I do so that my personal repository can re-use the CI/CD logic we’ve already established? Is this a limitation, where personal repos cannot use/reference CI/CD logic from standard repos?

I could easily see that for potential security reasons, but I didn’t see anything that explicitly stated this limitation.

I’m questioning if I have something set incorrectly in my repository.


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Self-managed: v17.0.0-ee