How to use existing users of GitLab as application behind Keycloak SSO/Web-SSO Link and map the users/groups from GitLab with keycloak (OmniAuth OpenID Connect)

Hi everybody,

I’ve tried the steps in the tutorial “OpenID Connect OmniAuth provider | GitLab” to connect GitLab with Keycloak Web-SSO as application.

Can someone explain me how I can access existing users/user rights as IdP in the application “GitLab” after successful login/authentication in Keycloak and how the mapping between the Keycloak user and the users of the application works/is done?

Has anyone here been able to successfully connect GitLab using OpenID Connect?

Would be grateful for experiences/tips or tricks

Maybe someone here can help me

Many thanks for your help

Does anyone have a help or solution for my current problem or possibly a similar problem already solved?