How to use gitlab on macOS?

GitHub has an official git client application called GitHub Desktop which can be installed on both windows & macOS
However, for gitlab, which client shall I use on macOS?
3rd part Git client which developed by individuals are unsafe and should not be used.
Is there any robust git client for macOS to pull / push code to gitlab?

You can use gitkraken. Its third party but that does not mean it is unsafe.

You can also use an IDE like VS Code or Atom Editor as well to push and pull with so it does even more as you can edit your files with it. I would rather use an IDE than a graphical git client.

gitkraken does not support private repository at the beginning. So it’s not on my menu.

For anyone who might be looking, I can recommend Sourcetree from Atlassian. It’s stand alone, you don’t have to use any Atlassian services. Good UI, trusted source, has GitLab integration.

Here’s the comment I added for myself about setting up, which I had to do just now for a client that switched their stuff from GitHub to GitLab:

Personal access token is used in place of password to connect account to Sourcetree mac desktop app. Also had to generate an SSH, during account connection, to get it to work.
Had already added an SSH key in, but Sourcetree didn’t see/use/find that on my mac even though I’d done the ssh-gen on the mac.

  1. In website, got to account preferences/settings, personal access tokens, generate a new token and copy it (short text string). Save it in safe place.
  2. Preferences > Accounts > Add >
  3. username = email
  4. password = personal access token
  5. protocol = ssh
  6. Generate Key button
  7. Save button

Was then able to add repo in Sourctree using add > clone from remote via SSH, using SSH link of repo from GitLab web page.