How to use same runner for entire pipeline execution

The pipeline is having below stage.

  1. download - It will download project zip file from artifactory depends on the release number
  2. build - It will compile and deploy the downloaded zip file on runner.
  3. test - It will execute the tests and upload the result.

To execute the above pipeline, I am having multiple Gitlab runners for each environment ( dev, test, prod) with same tag name e.g. I am having 2 runners in dev environment with tag linux git-runner-dev-1, git-runner-dev-2

Consider, on same time Multiple users trigger the pipeline in dev environment. Then the pipeline execution get started. But the entire pipeline will not get executed on same runner. For each stage it will select the runner which is available and thats why I am not getting the required output from the pipeline. I want to execute the entire pipeline on same runner which starts the execution of download stage.

Below sample yml file has been given for the reference.

  - download
  - build
  - test

  stage: download
    - echo "===== Download starts ====="
    - echo "===== Download Ends ====="
    - linux
  stage: build
    - echo "===== Build starts ====="
    - echo "===== Build Ends ====="
    - linux
  stage: test
    - echo "===== Test starts ====="
    - echo "===== Test Ends ====="
    - linux

Such feature is not available. There is no guarantee which Runner will pick a job if there are multiple eligible Runners for it.
If you need the guarantee you need to specify a single runner in tags: which will always pick up all the jobs.

Alternative is to use artifacts or cache and store the files somewhere for any Runer to pick them up.