Howto configure the log rotation of the sidekiq logs?

I have a gitlab running in a docker instance.
The docker image I’m using is this one: “gitlab/gitlab-ee:latest”

I notice that every day I get a sidekiq logfile of about 66MB.
The log rotation is the default, so it’s set to 30 days.

I want to decrease this to 10 days to save some space.

I tried to edit my gitlab.rb, and set
sidekiq[‘logrotate_rotate’] = 10
and then run
gitlab-ctl reconfigure

but to no avail. the generated config file in
still contains:
And I still have 30 files there.

Are there other steps to accomplish this?


Hi Wouter, try to write work around like housekeeping job that deletes files, and you can change level to ERROR ( default is INFO )