I am trying to get dast to run but it won't work


  • build
  • test
  • dast


  • template: <DAST.gitlab-ci.yml>

DAST_WEBSITE: https://mywebsite.com

This is my YAML file, I tried doing it through auto dev ops as well, but for some reason after test it does nothng else. I thought it would go to DAST after the test phase of the pipeline. Is there something I’d have to add to my package.json? We got the trial for gitlab ultimate so we can see how this feature works for security, so I don’t think the subscription package is the problem.

Thank you

Do you mean that no job is created? Make sure you meet the Requirements and here is the source of the template for you to check the rules.

You can also try to override the rules section in your .gitlab-ci.yml file

  - template: <template_file.yml>

  DAST_WEBSITE: https://example.com

    - when: always