I can't create or fork any projects (free account)

I don’t currently have any GitLab projects.

I am unable to create a project (“Limit has been reached…”) or fork any projects with GitLab.

I believe the free account I have should be able to at least do a few projects so I can submit merge requests for gnome, etc.

Is something broken?

Can you share a screenshot of the error?

so I can submit merge requests for gnome, etc.

Is the error happening on GitLab.com SaaS, or is this instance maybe the self-managed GitLab instance on gnome.org? If the latter is true, I suggest opening a thread on the Gnome forum in https://discourse.gnome.org/

yes, you are correct.

It is happening on gitlab.gnome.org but not on gitlab.com (I can create a project there)

thank you for the clue, I will ask on the gnome forum.

Much appreciated!

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For others who find their way here, the issue on gitlab.gnome.org is that you can’t fork or create any projects until you have configured glitlab.gnome.org with an SSH key.

That was - nonintuitive - but fixed the problem.

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Appreciate you sharing a solution for the problem :slight_smile: