I want to create a release notes using gitlab tag

I would like to prepare a release notes based on my latest gitlab tag.
For example: I have one my gitlab tag=1.234 with so many versions of microservices like given below
daasendb: 1.42
daasems: 1.58
edgetoolbox: “1.11”
guiorchestrator: 1.13
daasum: 1.19
maintenanceorchestrator: 1.7
daaspnm: 1.8
daasossviews: “1.22”
daassm: 1.24
daashwinvmgmt: 1.12
maintenancegui: 1.13
end2endtest: 1.1
end2endtestnew: 1.4
daasuireaktor: “1.1”
daasProvisioningServer: 1.3
transcoder: 1.5

so i want to write/mention what has changed for each version of micro service may be by getting the important commits . The drawback with commits is that we have so many commits and commit messages doesn’t have a proper message .
I would be thankful if someone could suggest me some best things i should consider for my release notes so that my release notes shows what has changed/features implemented and how to implement it.

thank you!