IBM DOORS Syunchronization

I use IBM DOORS to manage the requirements for my development project.
I wonder if Gitlab supports any features to manage development requirements synchronizing with the requirements stored in IBM’s DOORS. I’ve heard that Gitlab provide requirement management feature if I purchase Ultimate subscription, but I cannot find if it’s possible to utilize IBM DOORS requirements to manage requirements in gitlab.


GitLab ultimate license enables requirement management feature.
This is a rather limited feature which does not permit to, for instance:

  • set traceability links
  • version requirements

I think it’s better to use directly Issue feature of GitLab where you can at least use scoped labels to create a requirement workflow status and use Linked Items to set traceability links with upper requirements. Still no versioning though.

For DOORS synchronization you cannot do it natively with GitLab. You will have to

  • export into a file your requirements in ReqIF format and
  • push the file in the repo
  • let the CI run your own script which would parse ReqIF and then thanks to GitLab REST API import you requirement into GitLab requirement DB.

BTW, out of curiosity, why do you want to do that ? Get rid of DOORS may be … :upside_down_face: ?