Ignore commit MR diff view

I have an MR, that does some “legitimate” changes, and some changes are automated/big/don’t care, but the project is setup as such - and those changes need to go in together.

If I split them in separate commits, in the same MR, how can I ignore them, so that the performance doesn’t tank?

GH already has support for that, e.g.: feat(traefik): Add stripPrefixRegex by stdedos · Pull Request #2422 · truecharts/apps · GitHub

Sadly, there isn’t an easy way to do this. You can either go through the MR commit by commit, or you can mark some of the changes as “viewed”.

If you look through the GitLab issue, there are some issues relevant to you. This one in particular might be useful, and it’s a good idea to vote up anything that would help you, as more activity on an issue makes it more likely to be resolved quickly.

That is sound advice, and could also workaround the problem.
Thank you for the digging!

Sadly, it seems that people just wanna talk, instead of upvoting - and the issue is stale for 5y now :frowning:

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It is a shame, I could really do with this feature too!