Implement a build server for dot net core project

I have been given a task implement a build server for our companies main project. I am beginner who only knows C# and I am highly confused after seeing file.

I need to implement a build server such that non tech people at my company can just download the build and run the exe without worrying about downloading any package.

  1. The project is hosted on Gitlab. Does it need to be hosted on AWS or Azure to implement CI CD? I see many tutorials which either are related to AWS or Azure?

  2. How does the yml file know how to build the project ?


Hi @Npundir

  1. You can either use GitLab shared runners or provide your own runners. If you provide your own, they can be hosted anywhere. AWS and Azure are fine, but your own on-prem servers, or anything else is fine too. You will need sudo rights to install the runner but not much else.
  2. I would suggest you use the dotnet project template to begin with and see how you get on (or maybe just fork that project an iterate from there). Essentially though, you will write shell commands in your .gitlab-ci.yml file and these will be executed in the pipeline.

Good luck!

Thanks, I was working with dot net core template.
Currently I am facing this error

MSBUILD : error MSB1003: Specify a project or solution file. The current working directory does not contain a project or solution file.

Dir in yml -

NOTE: Please edit this path so it matches the structure of your project!

SOURCE_CODE_PATH: ‘tutorialandtesting\TutorialAndTesting\TutorialAndTesting.sln’

I have tried all the possibilities - tried giving all possible paths with respect to both gitlab and local directory and with both \ & /.

Can you guide me with how to specify working directory?