Implementing Active Active HA architecture

Hi All,

We have requirement to implement Active Active HA architecture in GITLAB Community Edition.
Is it possible and can you please guide with steps to perform it.

The best place for you to start is the Gitlab HA Documentation: Reference architectures | GitLab

None of the methods there show a possibility for Active/Active. The 3000 user reference architecture looks mostly at 3 node setup. The 2000 user reference, shows a lot of single nodes, with one Gitlab role requiring 2 nodes.

That’s not to say it’s not possible, but I don’t expect it’ll be easy. You will most definitely need to use an external PostgreSQL for a start, and that will need to be configured Active/Active (assuming that is possible - you can google for that to find out). Gitaly would take care of your repository data being replicated between the two nodes once it’s configured correctly.

The Gitlab documentation should have all the info you need for configuring multiple Gitaly nodes, and you can use the instructions from the link I provided from the reference architectures for you to figure out a way to do it on two nodes.