"Import from gitlab.com" button will not work on self hosted

We are convinced that the “Import from gitlab.com” button will not work on self hosted. Specifically, the import groups comments under the importing user rather than leaving the ticket to look like the original.

Here is our test:

  1. Login into gitlab.com
  2. create group called MyAweSomeGroup (slug may be different) (take all defaults).
  3. Observe that the person that that created it is a direct and sole member of the group. OBserve his/her email address is public.
  4. Create new blank project in that group. (initialize with README so there is a repo)
  5. Observe that the repo was created by the user with initial commit.
  6. Create one issue with description. (assign to sole member of the project, assign one lable)
  7. Observe that the issue was created and the activity is listed.
  8. Create one comment.
  9. Create second comment.
  10. Create third comment.
  11. Close issue. 12 refresh the issue list and observe that the comments and activities are all separate and associated with the user.
  12. Log into self hosted instance of gitlab.com
  13. Create an identically named group MyAweSomeGroup (slug may be different)
  14. Click import project from gitlab.com (not from gitlab export)
  15. select the proper source group and select import.
  16. notice repo is imported properly
  17. go to issues and observed that is just created. BAD [s/b the time of the original creation]
  18. observe that the comments are imported as a text block in the description. BAD [s/b broken apart like original]

The original ticket:

The ticket after import:

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 14.07.52

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I think I’m also facing a similar kind of issue with my migration from gitlab.com to self-hosted GitLab server

The issue is reported here

Since you have mentioned “Import from gitlab.com button will not work on self-hosted. i have tested the same from my end.

  1. i created a backup using the export option in my gitlab.com project
  2. then i go to my Self-Hosted GitLab server and used the “import project” option to import the downloaded tat.gz export file


  1. in the next window (Self-Hosted GitLab server) select GitLab Export

  1. Once everything is completed we see this behavior the user name in gitlab.com changes to Administrator in self-hosted GitLab after the migration (The user name will be replaced with the user who imports the project in the destination server, in my case I’m importing the project as Administrator)

I have noticed that you mentioned Congregate in your Reddit post . Did you get any chance to test how the internal GitLab migration tool works (Congregate). i tried a little bit but nothing happened.

Hope you have found a proper solution for the issue mentioned here, If yes please share :slight_smile:

I will also follow up if I find any proper solution for the issue that I’m facing during migration.