Import from gitlab export sets wrong submitter on issues etc

When importing a .tar.gz export from one gitlab instance to another the submitter, assignee, etc of every issue is set to the user who performs the import.
This is according to the docs if the user doing import is not admin. However I am importing as admin and as such the users should be correctly mapped.

I have played around quite a bit, with fresh exports on 11.4, but it does not make any difference.
With a fresh repository with only a couple of issues, its possible to get the correct behavior, so it seems to be connected to my specific project and as such a bug.

Note all imports are done targeting a namespace (group), which is also a bit bugged, if the group is not selected before going to the “import” selection screen then the target namespace always ends up being the user doing the import (regardless of the group setting in the “gitlab import” selection).

Any hints on how to get detailed logs to check, or how to troubleshoot further is greatly appreciated!

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