Import from private repo with client SSH public key authentication [Solved, go EE]

Hello there, I’d like to import repositories from an old server, which has per-user SSH public key authentication.

The idea I had was to create a dummy user on my old server, add Gitlab’s host SSH key (from /etc/ssh/). This allowed me to connect to my old server with Gitlab’s new credentials (though I had to specify an IdentityFile configuration in /etc/ssh/ssh_config, which would be removed as soon as the migration is done anyway). Of course, it didn’t work when I tried cloning git://

The main answers I’m looking for are:

  • Which internal does the import ? Is that root ? Is that git ?
  • If it’s git, where are his keys located ?
  • If it’s not git, then who is it, and how can I specify the SSH identity ?
  • Did I miss something from the SSH documentation ?

Thanks a lot ! :smiley:

Edit: Found this related topic, which appears to be stuck at the same point.

Edit2: Ok, it’s an EE feature, case closed.