Import of project from bitbucket not repeatable

My company wants to migrate our projects from bitbucket cloud to So to try this out I ran the importer and it seemed to work fine. Only I imported the repo into my personal gitlab namespace instead of the company one. Not realising I could simply transfer the project I deleted it in order to re-run the import, only to discover that in the bitbucket repo selection screen of the importer the repo is still marked as already imported, with a link to an empty project (that I tried to delete in vain several times already, but the link always shows me the empty project). So my first question is, is is not possibe to run an import of the same repo twice? Also, I was planning to do this as a dry-run, then prepare all git connected tooling (such as external CI) to work with gitlab instead of bitbucket, and once everything is set up and tested do another import, this time for real (to cause as little disruption as possible with out development processes). So is that not a valid strategy to migrate, and is there any way for me to get out of this situation?