Importing the project failed: github import source is disabled

Hi everyone, I’m trying to migrate from Github to Gitlab. But when I import my repositories, it gives the error message and doesn’t import any single project.

Importing the project failed: github import source is disabled

Any idea where is the import source settings on

You can find it under Admin → Settings → General → Visibility and access controls → Import sources and then choose the options you need, a screenshot from mine:

Thanks, i should have mentioned it earlier. I’m trying to migrate

Strange, I imported from Github to Gitlab before without problems on - as a user you don’t have options to enable/disable it, it should be enabled anyway. Either that, or something basically didn’t work properly with the import that you attempted.

The only other way would be to report it to gitlab by opening a support ticket: that is direct to the option for Gitlab SaaS. I don’t see why that option should be disabled, maybe in between upgrades something happened with it, but only the Gitlab team can help with that to get it enabled. The community on the forum cannot do that as we’re not admins of gitlab.

@coderex Thanks for reporting the problem. There was a bug with import sources which has been fixed in production on SaaS since. Failure in api/1_manage/import_github_repo_spec.rb | Manage Project import imports Github repo via api (#360688) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

Can you please try again and verify that you can now import projects from GitHub? Thanks!