Increasing memory and cpus for windows docker build

Changing memory and cpus in config.toml doesn’t carry over to container instances called.

I am running a docker-windows execuctor on a Windows Server. That server hardware has plenty of 400GB RAM and CPUs (32). I registered this server with gitlab-runner and updated the config.toml file to use memory=16384m and cpus=2 per container and set concurrent=8. But when i run jobs on my gitlab project, i only see 2 GB of ram being used per container and hardly any CPU.

I though all i had to do was update the config.toml file in my C:\gitlab-runner\ folder. But this doesn’t seem to do anything.

I searched all the documentation i could find, but i cannot seem to find anything that could explain this. I know that i cannot change the setting of docker to automatically support this for windows. i need gitlab-runner service to include these settings (–memory=X and --cpus=X) as options when it calls up the container.

Any ideas?