Install gitlab on gitpod web IDE

Question:How to install gitlab on gitpod IDE?


if you are using, you can just go to your gitlab project and prefix the URL in the browser with
For example:

If you install our browser extension (chrome / firefox), you’ll see a button that you can just click:

If you use GitLab Self-Managed, then you’d need to install Gitpod Self-Hosted and connect it.
We are going to allow connecting to GitLab Self-Hosted instances running on the public internet from within as well very soon, but until then Gitpod Self-Hosted is the way to go.


Can I use gitlab omnibus package on it?

We are going to allow register GitLab self-managed URLs in in about two weeks.
Alternatively you can install the Gitpod Self-Hosted (free for up 5 users) on a Kubernetes cluster.
Let me know if you need assistance with that.


So how to install gitlab self-hosted on kubernetes?
(I need a work platform)

You can find install instructions here

The easiest way is to use GKE.
For questions or assistance: