Install GitLab Runner in a closed cluster

Are there instructions out there on how to install GitLab Runner on a Kubernetes cluster that does not have connection to GitLab registry? This is on a closed network, only access is to our own private registry.


You’ll need to setup the required secrets that allow pulling images from custom registry endpoints such as, passing them on via imagePullSecrets and pullSecrets in the Helm values.yml, and via image_pull_secrets in the GitLab Runner’s config.toml. See Using the GitLab Runner chart | GitLab and Advanced configuration | GitLab for a list of all configurations.

You’ll also need to alter the default helper image location, following: Advanced configuration | GitLab

Edit: If you’re asking about how to have Helm install the GitLab Runner from a custom image location instead, it is available to override to a different name: values.yaml · master · / charts / GitLab Runner · GitLab, but you can simply push the same image and tag into your private registry, and it will resolve it through your Kubernetes’ defaults setup.