Install GitLab via Puppet Forge Module


I’m looking to install GitLab via Puppet Forge Module. The official one from Vox Pupli here=puppet/gitlab.

I have experience with general puppet module code and have manually installed and maintained private GitLab hosted instance (ce). I was wondering if anyone in the community have tried installing Gitlab via that specific Puppet Module.

The init.pp has many of the basic configs. But one question I have is. If I have a specific version of the .rpm to install (internally hosted). Any suggestion on the hash to use for Puppet Module. The hash example they have is for Debian. I’m using centos/rhel. Was wondering if anyone has suggestions.

repository_configuration => {
‘apt::source’ => {
‘internal_mirror_of_gitlab_official_ce’ => {
‘comment’ => ‘Internal mirror of upstream gitlab package repository’,
‘location’ => ‘https://my.internal.url/repository/’,
‘key’ => {
‘id’ => ‘1A4C919DB987D435939638B914219A96E15E78F4’,
‘source’ => ‘https://my.internal.url/repository/

thanks in advance,

Updating thread with what I end up using. Found the attributes to based off of RedHat. here

{ “yumrepo”: { “gitlab_gitlab-ce.repo”: {
“name”: “gitlab_gitlab-ce”,
“ensure”: “present”,
“assumeyes”: true,
“baseurl”: “$basearch”,
“repo_gpgcheck”: 1,
“gpgcheck”: 1,
“enabled”: 1,
“gpgkey”: “”,
“sslverify”: 1,
“sslcacert”: “/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt”,
“metadata_expire”: 300
} } }

The “name”: “gitlab_gitlab-ce”, I passed it in to make some of yum commands play nicer. Not required.

“baseurl” - I ended hard coding the major version #, it couldn’t interpolate from the server’s default facts. It was noted in Module’s readme.
" At least on RedHat based OS versions, it’s required that Puppet is configured with the stringify_facts setting set to false"

Use \\$basearch to keep the dollar sign.