Installation problems from RPM v8.4.3


I’m on

# cat /etc/redhat-release 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.7 (Santiago)

Trying to install

# rpm -qi gitlab-ce
Name        : gitlab-ce                    Relocations: / 
Version     : 8.4.3                             Vendor: Omnibus <>
Release     : ce.0.el6                      Build Date: Tue 02 Feb 2016 01:39:48 PM EST
Install Date: Tue 02 Feb 2016 04:38:20 PM EST      Build Host:
Group       : default                       Source RPM: gitlab-ce-8.4.3-ce.0.el6.src.rpm
Size        : 773727413                        License: unknown
Signature   : (none)
Packager    : GitLab B.V.
URL         :
Summary     : GitLab Community Edition and GitLab CI (including NGINX, Postgres, Redis)
Description :
GitLab Community Edition and GitLab CI (including NGINX, Postgres, Redis)

But when gitlab-ctl reconfigure tries to start postgresql, it errors out:

    STDERR: psql: could not connect to server: No such file or directory
        	Is the server running locally and accepting
        	connections on Unix domain socket "/var/opt/gitlab/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432"?

There is no such directory on the system. There’s a gitlab-ci, gitlab-shell, and redis, but that’s it. Did it fail to make that directory in some other step?

In the /opt/gitlab/embedded/cookbooks/gitlab/recipes/postgresql.rb recipe I see:

postgresql_socket_dir = node['gitlab']['postgresql']['unix_socket_directory']

When is that supposed to be created? I’ve had to move my postgresql directory from /var/opt to /opt. Maybe that confused something?

Anyway, I’d really appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!

EDIT: Also missing, /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-workhorse.
ANOTHER EDIT: Also, also, had to make /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/sockets. But then manually launched gitlab-rake db:migrate and it completed. I’m up and running again. Those directories are 777 though, as I’m not sure who should own them.

  • Dave

Was this an upgrade or a clean install? Postgres need to be running when updating.

Tried it both ways, both failed the same way.