Integration of Azure Key Vault with GitLab CI


I’ve been trying to integrate Azure Key Vault with GitLab CI Pipeline with the GitLab Official Documentation. I am trying to authenticate with the GitLab OIDC Token but facing issues validating the token. If any of you has already done the same. Can i get some help


what do you need? At which step in the official documentation it doesn’t work?

Actually the documentation doesn’t specify the exact variables and what value to provide in the variables to be able to fetch the snippet. Is it possible if i can get the snippet of the working task

I am not sure I understand. The required variables are specified in the documentation. Values for them needs to be collected from Azure. Here are the steps you need to do in Azure.

azure vault:
      aud: # what you put into "audiences" in the Azure app
    - az login --service-principal -u $AZURE_CLIENT_ID -t $AZURE_TENANT_ID --federated-token $GITLAB_OIDC_TOKEN
    - az account show