Integration with Jenkins

I am trying to integrate my Gitlab Community Edition with Jenkins. I have installed all the required plugins and did the configurations in jenkins. Jenkins is throwing the error Client error: HTTP 401 Unauthorized. Is it not possible to integrate Gitlab CE with jenkins ?

I was able to integrate Gitlab EE with Jenkins and am following similar steps.

Searching the forum, I found this related post:

So I think to answer your question, it is not possible to use the Jenkins integration with the free GitLab Core tier.

Let us know if that helps.

facing the same error while using the Gitlab Personal Access token in jenkins > configurations > gitlab

I guess the first question would be if you are using GitLab CE. If you are, then the previous answer should clarify this. If you are not, I’d suggest opening a new topic with more details about your setup.

So for integrating with Jenkins i will have to use EE.
thanks @dplanella

No worries. Indeed, and please also notice that it’s only available for Starter/Bronze subscriptions and up:

Docs say GitLab CE supports Jenkins CI service for Starter Self-Managed , Bronze and higher pricing.

GitLab CE Documentation * GitLab Integration * Jenkins CI service

I apologize for my ignorance but none of the above answers clearly define for me if the Jenkins Integration is available for a self-hosted instance of Gitlab CE?

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@encryptalus Looks like the Jenkins CI service is available for Starter/Bronze level GitLab accounts! Here are the relevant docs: