Introduction @ezequielporto

Hi, I’m Ezequiel Porto from Argentina :argentina: .

I work as a SysAdmin and I’m new to GitLab.

I would like to learn about DevOps.

Hi Ezequiel,

Welcome to the community!

Lucky for you, there are many materials out there. I’ll post you here a few links of my favorites.


…and many others.


Books (focused more on theory):

  • Gene Kim (and others): DevOps Handbook
  • Gene Kim: The Phoenix Project
  • Gene Kim (and others): The Unicorn Project

Now, of course, this is a lot. So depends, maybe you focus only on a few things, depending on what your job is or what you want to do. Maybe if you’re interested in some specific topic or if you have some specific questions, feel free to post and we’ll try to forward you to the proper guide :slight_smile:

Have fun!


Hi Paula,

Excellent, thank you so much for these resources!!

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