Invalid amount of storage used

I have a group of project hosted in Gitlab SAAS.

When I display the page “usage quota” for the group, it display: 134.4 Gib used.
but the sum of the differents projects listed below is only around 3 Gib.

It is possible that the number of 130 GB has been reached (a few months ago).
but I have made many deletions since then (container registry and pipeline artifcats)

I clicked on the button “recalculate Usage quotas” for every project, but this does not have any effect.
The usage quota page for every project is OK.

I noticed there are no button “recalculate Usage quotas” on the group page.
Are there any possibility to trigger this recalculculate on the group level?

Did anyone already noticed this inconsistency behavior?

I’ve noticed this inconsistency too. When I calculated mine I expanded all the rows and added them up to make sure I was still in the free tier group and I was. However the top bar which says the storage quota is off by about 20Gb.

Did you ever get the calculation showing the values you expected?