Is it not possible to have private repositories anymore?


We are a small 6 people company and we have been using Git Lab for years.

But now, with the new max 2 members restrictions, it isn’t possible anymore.

After reading the message that pops up on old “groups”, it says that at least one of the members needs to be a paying member, we went ahead and paid for one premium account.

But now, every time I try to add the other team members to a new project it says that we will be billed for an extra member.

We can’t afford paying 6 licenses just for storing the code (we don’t need all the CI stuff), am I missing something or did Git Lab become unsuitable to small teams.


We have our own self-hosted GitLab instance (but that is not cheap either, the cost being in the time spend maintaining it, and as GitLab isn’t focused on maintainability, you might end up spending a lot of time doing something that should be easy), so I don’t know what you can and can’t do on their SaaS solution, but in other threads here I’ve gotten the impression that pricing isn’t suitable for your use case.


I don’t get what they are trying to achieve…

a project with 5 user → Free
a project with 6 users → $285 * 6 = $1710 (you have to pay for ALL the users, not only for the ones above the free quota)

And there are no cheaper options for people like us, that only use it as a code repository

No, it seems there are not. The cheapest option is to run your own server and have as many users as you want. Other options are applying for the open source option but then your projects would need to be public I guess, and obviously open source + whatever other requirements they have for it. If your projects don’t fit this, then it really only leaves self-hosting your own Gitlab server.

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