Is it possible to buy a single license?

At my company we have GitLab Ultimate self-managed, I already filled the “Sales form” at Accelerate development with GitLab Duo Pro | GitLab.

But I wonder, is there any plan to open GitLab Duo Pro for self service? I mean just buy it with credit card? Currently, we use individual GitHub Copilot license that we buy with credit card and expense. So I wonder, if it’s planned to have something like this anytime soon.

I’m interested in trying GitLab Duo Pro to evaluate it, so I don’t really want to start a big conversation with sales (and waiting for them to respond) and procurement at my side just to try it.

See here:

I read that one, but this is a different question.

Can I buy a single licence with credit card? or do I need to buy it for ALL users in my gitlab self-managed instance?

I already asked GitLab via their sales form, but I think it’s going to take a long while until they answer so I was hoping to get an answer here.

I’m not a Gitlab employee so cannot help with that. If you have a ticket open with them directly, they are most likely going to respond quicker.

Most people here are community members who use Gitlab, so maybe don’t know the info you are asking for since they would need access to pricing or if they have experience of buying it. Only the Gitlab team would know if that is possible or not. Especially since, as on the post I linked, general availability of Gitlab Duo is released today, so it’s not possible for anyone here on the forum to even answer it (unless they work for Gitlab).

I still have hopes that somebody else maybe know it, I see that @tmccaslin (which is part of GitLab team) also hangs around this forum, so maybe he will chip in.

I’ll be sure to write back here when the sales team contacts me.

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Thanks for your feedback, I have shared it internally and suggested getting in touch with you directly.