Is it possible to change to the way GitLab behaved few days ago?

Today I’ve noticed change in how GitLab behaves. The look&feel is different, and now the files in the project list are highlighted when mouse pointer goes over them like in the attached screenshot. How to go back to the way it looked previously?

It is really hard to navigate like this…

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Hi, yeah the Dark Theme is still in (alpha), when I use indigo for example, it behaves pretty normally.

I would suggest opening an issue here: Issues · / GitLab · GitLab as that would be the best way for one of the devs to look at and fix the dark theme. I’m not sure if it’s browser specific, but it’s definitely a problem in Firefox. I only notice this on - on my self hosted instance, the selection is blue.

I created issue !374009 that references this post.

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Great! Thanks @debemdeboas - they fixed the issue. That was really fast. :slight_smile:

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