Is it possible to create a custom dashboard for CE version?

There is already a dashboard for code coverage statistics in Analyze->Repository Analytics, and it looks good:

We plan to add another dashboard for our internal project benchmark.

We are using Gitlab CE, according to Analytics dashboards | GitLab it sounds like only the Ultimate version supports it.

Just wondering if maybe we can create a benchmark dashboard like the code coverage statistics in CE version?

Hi, no it seems that it is only possible in Ultimate version. It’s not possible for free users. I believe the EE version, even with free license has some extra features when the analytics/telemetry is enabled and sent back to Gitlab. Theoretically you could upgrade to test/check this, or test the EE version on a test server to see what functionality is available before you upgrade your production one. But I expect that might not even be enough to do what you want without a subscription.

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Hi @lwooo!

I’m the Product Manager for the Product Analytics team and can confirm Custom Dashboards is only currently available in Ultimate and the feature set is currently in Experiment. Today Custom Dashboards will only support data from the Analytics SDKs but we are interested in hearing more about use cases for other data sources on these dashboards.

I’d be happy to setup a time to talk if you are interested or you can leave feedback in our feedback issue.


-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Analyze:Product Analytics

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