Is it possible to make .gitlab-ci.yml ang gitlab-runner uses docker and shell


I am new to gitlab and i am looking a way to run some steps in the local server and the script tests inside the container which will link to the dockers created before.

So i would have it to run locally :

  • docker run -d --name lookupd nsqio/nsq /nsqlookupd
    • docker run --name mongo -d mongo
    • docker run -d --link lookupd:lookupd --name nsqd nsqio/nsq /nsqd --broadcast-address=lookupd --lookupd-tcp-address=lookupd:4160
    • docker run --name redis -d redis

and i would need to

stage: test
image: “MYIMAGE”

  • cd ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/; make test

I can do the steps i needed, but i wanted to automate the containers creation before run the tests.

Thank you for your time.