Is it possible to mass update Project > Settings > Integrations

Is there a way to update the integrations settings in each project all at the same time?
We are using the Jira integration and have 120+ projects that have to be updated in Settings > Integrations. Just changing the settings in Service Template for Jira doesnt do it since we have older Jira settings that im having to replace on existing projects that used the older settings previously.
This would be particularly handy if we ever have to role the API key we use to connect to Jira here.

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Since the config doesn’t need to be the same for different projects, I think this can not be done in a central place.
Looked at the API to see whether there is an option to edit integrations with that, but could not find it. You can search maybe I missed something.

Up!!! same problem

I added an issue/feature request for this here: